We Want You!

District One EMS recruits individuals who are interested in joining a professional volunteer organization. All training and equipment may be furnished to members at no cost. Your desire to help and commitment to others is the trade off. Please use the information on the right side of the page to contact us for further information.

Common EMS Myths:

The following are the most repeated myths that prevent people from pursuing the opportunity to become an EMT.

MYTH: Most of the calls are bloody and grotesque.
The truth is that the majority of 911 calls are for physically ill patients or injuries that are not bloody.

MYTH: You need to be able to spell and say rapidly three times, "myocardial infarction".
EMS training doesn't require a prior knowledge of medical terminology. The emphasis in EMS is always on being clear and understood rather than being overly technical.

MYTH: Most calls are life threatening.
To the person who is calling 911, their situation may feel like life and death. What is needed in emergency situations is a trained person with a cool head to stabilize the situation, prevent additional injury and comfort the individual. With teamwork, all situations are manageable.

MYTH: District One has enough members.
We always welcome new members. Our goal is to maintain an environment where new members are paired with veteran members which allows our service to ensure that we are able to sustain high levels of experienced, quality care both now and in the future.

MYTH: A member is always on call.
District One operates on a scheduled basis. Each member is required to volunteer a minimum number of shifts per month. Members may choose shift times that work well for their schedule.

MYTH: You must have nerves of steel.
We always respond to emergencies as a team, so we have one another for support. We do what is necessary to aid the patient, utilizing our training and by following our protocols.

MYTH: You must live within the district.
Membership is available to all who qualify. Sleeping and living quarters are available to all members.

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